Subscriptions to Yoga classes

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Our cards are graduated in "credits".

  • The "credits" correspond to half-hours of lessons at Studio Yoga République (1h30 class at Studio is 3 credits).
  • Online classes use one less credit than Studio classes (1h30 class online is 2 credits).

Introduction to subscriptions

Our 18 and 28 lesson cards can be paid for in several monthly installments.
Cards are shown here for 1.5 hour lessons at the Studio, but can be used for 1 hour lessons or online lessons, as explained on the pricing page.

18 lesson cards:

  •   6 monthly installments of 3 lessons, or
  •   3 monthly payments of 6 lessons

28 lesson cards:

  •   7 monthly installments of 4 lessons, or
  •   4 monthly payments of 7 lessons

These monthly payments can be paid in the form of a subscription with monthly withdrawals, or by checks.

  •   By monthly withdrawals: you are credited each month with the number of classes in the monthly payment.
    • Lessons not used during the month remain in your account for later use.
    • If you wish to take more lessons, by contacting us, you can get cards of 4 or 18 lessons with a 15% discount.
  •   By checks: you immediately have the total number of lessons on your account.

An administrative fee of € 2 is included in each monthly payment.


Subscriptions with monthly withdrawals

Payment in several monthly checks

You can pay in several checks, all dated the day the checks are signed:

  • 18-class card at 324 € payable with:
    • 6 checks of 56 €, or
    • 3 checks of 110 €.
  • 28 class card at 448 € payable with:
    • 7 checks of € 66, or
    • 4 checks of 114 €.

Checks made payable to Studio Yoga République.
The first is cashed in the month on the date of your choice, the others the following months.