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Beginners in Iyengar Yoga
must select a "Basic" level class


Tips for practicing yoga

Read these precious tips before coming to yoga classes, they will save you some setbacks ...


1. Bring a towel or large tissue to personalize your space, protect blankets and bolsters.


2. Arrive 10 minutes before the Yoga class to sit down quietly, lie down on your mat and relax.

3. It is advisable to take at least 3 months of classes (at the rate of one class per week), to feel the first effects of a yoga practice.

4. Yoga is practiced on an empty stomach, bare feet, preferably in shorts (closed at the top of the thighs), with flexible clothes (preferably cotton), which do not hinder your movement.
Shorts are really what is most comfortable for the practice, both for you and for the teacher who can more easily correct you.


5. A footbath is at your disposal. For your greater good and that of others, rinse your feet in the water before practicing, especially in summer, it is very pleasant and as easy as washing your hands (bring a small towel).

6. Yoga is practiced in silence and respect for others, without any competitive spirit. Everyone works for themselves, according to their possibilities and what they feel. There is no point in comparing yourself to others.
7. Yoga is practiced in relaxation, even in difficult postures. Always be careful to relax unnecessary muscles so that they don't work more than necessary (twisting your face doesn't help stretch the backs of your legs!).

8. You should never feel severe pain or maintain a posture while forcing, even if you see others continue. Immediately inform the teacher of your condition. There is always a solution to relieve you by continuing to progress in your postures.
9. All sessions end with a long relaxation. If you have to leave a class before the end, let the teacher know, who will adjust their program to let you start again in the best possible conditions.

10. Do not hesitate to discreetly inform the yoga teacher of any physical or emotional problem, so that he can adapt certain exercises for your practice.


11. During your period, women must discreetly warn the teacher before the session, certain postures being contraindicated at this time they come with.

12. Know that it is not the postures themselves that are difficult; these are their regular practice, over the long term! Be patient and don't wait for anything, this is the best way to progress. Everything comes when you are ready to welcome it.

13. Don't expect anything when coming to a yoga class. Each lesson is a discovery and a surprise! The posture you have already practiced 100 times may turn out to be new in the next class.
Anything can happen, both pleasant and unpleasant sensations. Welcome what comes. The positive effect of Yoga is felt in the long term.


13. Cultivate inner joy, be happy and positive!

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