Our Yoga classes

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Regular Yoga classes


The Iyengar® yoga classes given at Studio Yoga République are structured on 3 levels:

  •      Beginner yoga class (called Base level),
  •      Intermediate level 1 class
  •      Intermediate level 2 class

Base level

Progressive learning of Iyengar® Yoga: basic postures, specific vocabulary and good use of supports.

This class will provide you with the basics of the work to set you up for personal practice without injuring yourself.

Minimum 6 months stay in this class (1 year recommended), even for long-time practitioners in other methods, before integrating an Intermediate 1 level class.
Intermediate level 1

After 6 months to a year in a basic class, this class allows you to learn more postures and further details of the basic postures, wich are maintained for longer.

 This level is intended for people who are familiar with the basics of the method, who know how to settle in Sarvangasana (shoulder stand) and who wish to learn to practice at home.

In this class, the inverted postures are practiced more systematically, with supports if necessary.

Pranayama is initiated and is practiced while lying down..


Intermediate level 2

After at least one year in an Intermediate 1 class, this class is a work of improvement on the basic postures, maintained for a long time.

Further study of backbends and inverted postures.

For people who practice the Iyengar® method regularly, who know how to settle in Sarvangasana and Sirsasana and who have established a regular practice at home.

Pranayama is practiced while lying down and sitting.

Specific yoga classes

For people who are tired, or who want to work very smoothly and regain energy.

For people who do not wish to
join a basic course. 
Use of numerous supports.

Yoga workshops are organized on weekends. They allow you to deepen certain aspects of the teaching of Iyengar® yoga.